Challenges Foundation believes feels strongly about extending enriching sailing experiences to the many disabled and disadvantaged children in our community who may otherwise not have the chance to experience being on a sail or motor boat.  We also have partnered with a local sport- fishing and whale watching company to provide a wide array of experiences to these children.


Each program is specifically fine-tuned for each group and age range.   Challenges Foundation has professional staff who provide counseling while underway on the open ocean.


In fact, the life of one of our board members was forever changed after one day of sailing as a child with a local youth program – that day gave him the insight, motivation, and realization of a lifelong career in sailing, and ocean and harbor patrol.  We hope to do the same for those who have the opportunity to join our program(s).


Challenges Foundation has its own program for disabled and underprivileged community youth, and we work with several local community groups, agencies, and special needs schools to provide an opportunity for these children to have an experience of being out on the open ocean.  Challenges Foundation  partners with the following organizations :

* Girl Scouts Mariner Troop/Sea Scout Ship 1352 MSS Catalina (Education)


* Boys and Girls Club (Underprivileged)


* Blank Canvas Youth (Abused children)


* Santa Monica Windjammer Yacht Club ‘s Youth Program (Education)


* LifeSail, Inc. (At-risk youth)